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Welcome to ACRC

ACRC is a community-based non-profit organization who caters to the needs the HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C and at risk communities.

ACRC has been committed to growing new and innovative public health approaches to support empowerment through unique and creative ways.
The impact of these interventions on the client base, service providers as well as the greater community’s public health and quality of life is tremendous.

More than 2,000 people are reached each year through ACRC’s innovative programs and services. ACRC has earned the respect of local
and national experts and institutions for its grassroots approaches to helping people living with
HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C to live healthy and more productive lives.

To support health and quality of life through compassionate and culturally appropriate programs that are responsive and address the needs of those
infected and affected by HIV and Hepatitis C. ACRC is dedicated to empowering clients, communities, and their partners through
nutrition, education, prevention, consultation, and advocacy.